Hey there, my name is Aileen (or you can call me Tootie). I’m a mechanical engineer, who has always loved art and drawing. I’m taking the time to pursue a more creative part of my passions. As of right now, I make custom twitch emotes, sub-badges, and icons.

By beginning a commission with me, you are stating that you have read and understood my Terms of Service (TOS).

I have every right to decline a request and perform a refund.

If you intend to make merchandise or use my art for profit, please let me know when speaking with me about the design of your commission.

Finally, I am able to use any commission for my own personal use.

  • All prices are in USD and are non-negotiable
  • All payment will be done through PayPal
  • At least half of the payment is required upfront with the rest due after you've approved the designs.
  • Files will not be sent until full payment has been cleared
  • As soon as your first payment has gone through, you are locked into a spot within my commissions queue.

As a client, please feel free to make revisions to the commission; however, do keep the following in consideration:

  • If you are asking for a complete or a significant enough change in the emote where I would have to start over, these revisions are subject to an additional fee.
  • Any revisions made after the file has been finalized and sent will be an additional charge of $5 per revision.
  • PLEASE, if you have any concerns or don't completely love your commission, contact me. I want to ensure that you are extremely happy with the final product.
Rush Orders

In the case of a rush order, please let me know when you reach out that there is a deadline.
You will be bumped up to the top of my queue, however, the fee will be 50% of your total commission price and must be paid in full upfront. (i.e. 1 rushed emote would be $30+$15=$45)

Cancellations / Refunds

If a cancellation is necessary:

  • I will keep 50% of the fee, if I have already started on the design.
  • Anything beyond that there will be no refund.


I will not:

  • Draw any of the following: nsfw/nudity, mecha, PogChamp(any variation of it), gore/violent material or hateful/racist subject matter
  • Sell or give out editable files.

By commissioning me, you are stating that you have read and understood my terms of service (TOS). Click the button to send an email, or contact me at letootie@gmail.com with the subject "Commission Request"